Progress in construction

Progress in construction RC “SHCHASLYVYI” PLATINUM Lviv, October 2019

The construction of the elite residential complex in Lviv requires a high rate of work, which can be seen by visiting the construction site of the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM. Let's summarize everything that has been done over the past month.

The frame of the house is monolithic slabs. Their installation has already been completed at the level of the 21st floor. We remind the building will have 22 floors, which makes the RC "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM one of the highest residential buildings in the city. The works on the installation of interior walls has also approached the 21st floor.

Exterior walls have already been installed at the height of 18-19 floors. They are made with ceramic blocks, because the ceramic block is different from its counterparts as it effectively stores heat.

All the work was completed to create the basis for the underground parking: two walls for the so-called "cushion" of the parking lot were poured; 80% of the verticals of its frame were installed. And most importantly - the second part of the monolith was poured.

Welcome to see the quality of the work. We would like to remind you that now you can invest in apartments at a price significantly lower than it will be after the building put into commission.

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