Progress in construction

Progress in construction RC “SHCHASLYVYI” PLATINUM Lviv, February 2020

The work in the residential complex “Shchaslyvyi” PLATINUM is in full swing! You can see the results now if you come for seeing. Then you can not only see with your own eyes how quickly construction is progressing, but also appreciate the breathtaking landscape that will open from the windows of a business-class home.

What stage is the work at?

Installation of monolithic structures has already been completed in the residential part of the house. The concrete frame is being reinforced in the commercial part now. According to the construction plan, it will be completed in a few weeks.

Within a month, both external and internal walls will be finished. In parallel, preparations are underway to install the windows. Owners and potential investors will soon be able to see what look the apartments will have with the large panoramic windows.

So come and see how a dream house is being born! Call: 067 664 05 30, 067 664 07 86. Sales departments: 26, Tchaikovsky St., 67, V. Chornovola Ave.