Our life is determined by the constant movement forward and the search for better opportunities and optimal results. Conquering new peaks is the meaning of our life, and having conquered one peak today, we are looking for a new challenge tomorrow.

The residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM from the company NovaBudova, one of the tallest buildings in Lviv in general and the tallest residential building in the Shevchenkivskyi district in particular, will be such a peak for you. The residential complex was designed with the participation of the city's chief architect. Therefore, it is not surprising that the complex is the architectural dominant of the business center Lviv due to its bold exterior and dynamic urban features. And if to add an incredible view from the windows of the historic center of the old town and the developed infrastructure, it turns out that the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM is an ideal option for investment.

From a financial point of view, housing in the complex can bring a profit of 25-30% per annum. And in the long run, these figures will only increase, because a business-class apartment in one of the most attractive areas of the city (besides, near the city center) will always be in high demand. In particular, today a one-room apartment in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM will cost 32,000 UAH / m2. But at the end of the year, when the house is commissioned, the cost per square meter, according to experts, will be about 40 000 UAH.

Let's not forget about another important aspect of profitable investment - reliability. Choosing to invest in square meters, you shall not worry, because they will not "sag" in price, as is often the case, for example, with securities, and housing will not be able to go bankrupt, from which the business is not insured. However, the choice of real estate for investment should still be treated responsibly and even the smallest details should be taken into account: from the location and prospects of the area to the view from the windows and lighting in the rooms; from construction technology and housing infrastructure to the reputation of the developer and relevance of architecture.

RC "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM meets the necessary criteria for successful investment. The complex attracts by everything, even non-standard architecture, which only emphasizes its status. You can admire the building not only during the day, but also at night: specially designed lighting of the facade gives it a special appeal.

It is worth remembering that the residential complex belongs to the "business" class not only due to the exterior zest, but also other characteristics. The RC was built on a monolithic frame technology; special additives are used here, which increase the moisture resistance of concrete. Well-thought-out apartment planning will provide quality natural light. Besides, the reception with service support of the residents, a closed area with round-the-clock security and video surveillance, underground parking, playground, own infrastructure (including the supermarket "Silpo" on the territory of the complex) add confidence that this project is really worth investing in!

The apartment in RC "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM is a status which you can be proud of and from which you will get the maximum pleasure. After all, why do we convert money into travel, jewelry, premium cars, luxury accessories or extreme entertainment? The feelings we get from this are emotions that saturate life, fill it with meaning, give fullness of impressions and freshness of new ideas. Such emotions will give you fantastic views of the High Castle and the Town Hall from the terraces of VIP-apartments of our RC.

By investing in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM, you get a high level of profitability, planning, thought out to the smallest detail, great location, own infrastructure. All this will provide you with maximum comfort and emphasize your personality.

So invest in your own life without restrictions - invest in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM! Consult the managers of the sales department: (032) 294 95 32; (067) 664 05 30. Sales departments location: 67, V. Chornovola; 26,Tchaikovsky Str, Lviv.