Progress in construction

Progress in construction RC “SHCHASLYVYI” PLATINUM Lviv, July 2021

• finishing coat of the roof with membranes is completed by 85%;

• paving will soon begin on the territory, and now preparatory work is underway;

• installation of external luminaires has started on the parapet on the roof;

• tiling of stairwells is completed by more than a third;

• between a cellar and the first floor facing by a tile of a stairwell proceeds;

• windows will be adjusted soon;

• installation of glass on balconies is completed;

• painting works are being carried out in the hall of the house;

• work on the construction of the stylobate and terraces is underway. Filling of sloping polystyrene concrete is taking place in layers: first - floor cap, then the membrane is to be installed, then - a primer, and only after that - paving of a special pavement;

• dispatching of fire alarms is carried out now, and dispatching of water meters and boiler rooms - at the stage of preparation;

• waterproofing of the entrance group to the Silpo supermarket and for exits from the parking lot is underway;

• common areas and apartments are being prepared for transfer to residents;

• active work on the planning of the adjacent territory and its infrastructure is underway. The construction of the road to Okunevskoho Street also proceeds.