“The apartment of the week” is a unique offer from the RC “Schaslyvyi” in Sofiyivska Borschagivka


The company “NovaBydova” announces a start of the program “The apartment of the week” in the RC “Schaslyvyi” in Sofiyivska Borschagivka.

Many people who strive to purchase a residential property which is different from any other and has its own icing on the cake refer to our sales departments daily. Our offer is meant especially for such clients. 

Weekly we choose one unique apartment of our residential complex. Each of them will have its own charm and will be inimitable in some way. Besides, a pleasant bonus of the apartment will be its price. Purchase your own special residential property for an exclusive price. Because we are sure: you dream that not just your new home, but also its price will be special and unique.

In order to find out which apartment exactly is presented now in the program “The apartment of the week”, follow the company’s news on the website, in our social networks and call to the sales department: (044) 499 25 78, (067) 663 91 64.