NovaBydova, together with volunteers, presented a holiday to small children


On the 19th of December 2019, on St. Nicholas Day, NovaBydova employees joined a volunteers’ initiative and visited children from dysfunctional families, as well as the Specialized Regional Infant Orphanage in Boyarka, where orphaned children under seven years of age live, in order to present them a holiday.

Together with caring citizens who responded to our call for help to children, we collected and handed toys, clothes, fruits and sweets, as well as essential goods worth more than 25,000 hryvnias over to the pupils of the institution.

The children were very happy with all the gifts from our "Saint Nicholases". Watching their emotions, you understand once again that in particular such deeds help to maintain and increase faith in people and in a New Year winter miracle.

We urge you to be not indifferent and to give the New Year mood and holiday miracles to all who really need it!