“NovaBudova” Company Presented an Apartment to the Winner of Voice-Ukraine, Season 8


“NovaBudova” Company Presented an Apartment to the Winner of Voice-Ukraine, Season 8

On April 29th, the super final of the singing contest “Voice-Ukraine” was broadcasted live on TV channel 1+1. Representatives of “NovaBudova” Company were special guests of the show. It’s been the third year that the Company is sponsoring this talent show and always has a special present for its winner.

This year’s super final made a great impression on everyone. It was a marvelous and spectacular event that blew imagination with incredible acts and decorations. In the live show the following participants competed: Olena Lutsenko (team of Sergiy Babkin), Anna Trincher (Jamala’s team), Andriy Rybarchuk (team of Tina Kharol) and Armenian participant Srbui Sargsyan (Potap’s team). This final part of the competition consisted of three rounds; with every round one of the participants had to leave the show. In the final third round only two participants were left: vocalists from Tina Kharol’s teams and Sergiy Babkin’s team – Andriy Rybarchuk and Olena Lutsenko. And according to the TV audience’s voting, the first place was given to Olena Lutsenko from the team of Sergiy Babkin. The winner received the Cup of the Voice-Ukraine and three months of airtime on HitFM radio. And “Novabudova’s” representative Taras Golub presented Olena Lutsenko the keys to a new two-room apartment with the total areal size of 61,5 square meters in RC “Shchaslyvyi”, Sofiyivska Borshchagivka.

“NovaBudova” greets Olena and wishes her new victories, dreams coming true and success in her beginnings! Special thanks to the team of “Voice Ukraine” and 1+1 TV channel for the awesome show. Please check out our YouTube channel and enjoy watching the best moments of it.

Happy people live in RC “Shchaslyvyi”!