Residential complex "Shchaslyvyi" PLATINUM - a business class project that has a very high investment attractiveness. That is why there are less than 10 free housing options left in the complex, and all one-room apartments are sold!

Residential complex "Happy" PLATINUM offers a better standard of living, comfort and high status. Every detail of the project is designed so that investors do not have to agree to any compromises. Just enjoy all the opportunities that open up to the residents of this RC!

The complex is located in Vyacheslav Chornovil Avenue, within walking distance of Rynok Square, surrounded by ancient architecture. What does it mean? You can easily imagine the working day of the RC resident. Breakfast with a stunning view from the window, because the building of the complex is the tallest in the area and one of the tallest in the city. Then go down - and do your business in the downtown, for which you do not even need a car. By electric scooter you can get to the Town Hall in minutes! Then - a gym, SPA or a trip to the movies. All this is easy to implement, because there are various city infrastructure objects of the cultural capital of Ukraine near the residential complex. Want to go shopping? Do it near the shopping center "Forum Lviv". Do you feel a thirst for high culture? The opera house is waiting! And buying products will not be long and tedious, because there will be a supermarket "Silpo" right in the RC building.

Of course, you will need a car to travel out of town. And there is a convenient underground parking to keep it, so you can leave the apartment and get to drive your vehicle right in a few minutes.

Other infrastructure advantages of this RC:

Protected, closed area, which allows you to feel completely safe.

•Landscaped area using the best principles of landscaping for better outdoor recreation.

•Modern and safe playgrounds for small residents of the residential complex.

The original exterior and lighting should be added to the listing. They further emphasize the status of the apartments here and literally catch the eye.

So do not hesitate and call: 067 664 05 30 and 032 294 95 32. Find out all the details about vacant apartments layouts and project infrastructure. Sales departments are located in 26, Tchaikovsky Street and 67, V. Chornovol Avenue, Lviv.

We invite you to view!