Our city boasts the beauty of night lights, lively traffic on busy days, a special atmosphere where history and modernity are intertwined. And now a residential complex has appeared on its map, where the charm of Lviv spreads in all its beauty! "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM" from the company "NovaBudova" became the embodiment of the modern dynamics of the city, a window to its best landscapes and a new height to which you should strive. After all, it is here, on the happy (ukr. transl. shchaslyvyi) square meters, new standards of stellar life are created.

One of the tallest buildings in Lviv with a modern dominant architecture stands out in Chornovola Avenue. Even at the stage when the facade works are still underway, this residential complex is already captivating. So you can only imagine what it will look like at the stage of 100% readiness, with stylish lighting and landscaped area. No wonder this accommodation is recommended by a star couple. Katya Osadcha and Yuriy Gorbunov urge to reject doubts and emphasize: you deserve housing, which will emphasize the new height of your status. Housing that will inspire with bold architecture, comfort of its own infrastructure and breathtaking views from the panoramic windows. By the way, there are very few such apartments left, so those who dream of an unforgettable view of the 700th Anniversary Park or the High Castle, should hurry.

Especially if you dream of large apartments, which can embody extraordinary design solutions, two- and three-room apartments open up unique opportunities for space organization, thanks to which your home will be individually planned. Arrange a kitchen-studio, which you have long dreamed of, create a well-lit workspace, allocate a separate place for a wardrobe, equip an elegant bedroom - it's easy to do on happy square meters! After all, the apartments in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM" are designed so that residents can implement their plans - without any restrictions.

And soon all these opportunities will become a reality: the construction of the house has reached the finish line. All apartments have already completed plumbing, heating and electrical networks, floor screed and plaster walls. Door boxes are installed on all floors and the doors are now being installed. Tiles have already been completely laid in public places, and the installation of Shindler elevators is also at the final stage. There will be as many as three of them in the house: two passenger elevators and one cargo-passenger. The appearance of the residential complex is also changing on the spot: the installation of a wet and ventilated facade is completed by 90 percent, insulation with mineral wool - by 70 percent. Work is in full swing on the first and second floors, intended for commercial premises. It is here a large supermarket "Silpo"  will be located for the convenience of residents. And soon "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM" will meet famous guests: Katya Osadcha and Yuri Gorbunov, who are visiting to check the residential complex for compliance with the highest star requirements.

Every day the final touches to the portrait open new facets of one of the most modern buildings in Lviv and arouse the desire to settle here. After all, it is here in Chornovola Avenue the city's business pulse is beating. This street is one of the main transport arteries, directly connected to the central part. It is here the real estate prices rise every six months. And this is another good reason to buy an apartment in the residential complex "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM" before commissioning, when the price is much more affordable.

But, regardless of whether you are guided by rational arguments for a profitable investment or an emotional desire to live like a star - the RC "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM" will allow you to get both. Premium housing in a prestigious area with a breathtaking view is a home where you will feel proud. A home that will add confidence, inspire comfort and every day will give a special pleasure from the life you want to live! Call: 067 664 05 30 and 032 294 95 32 - and find out all about this project. Come to the sales department in 26, Tchaikovsky Street and 67, V. Chornovola Avenue.