Invest Day from NovaBudova company: what the investor forum looked like


On February 29, 2020, Invest Day was held - a forum from NovaBudova aimed at telling potential investors how to make real money in real estate. And investors who already have experience in investing in real estate were able to learn about alternative ways to make money per square meter other than resale.

The forum speakers, experienced investors with years of real estate investments, told the audience about the most common types of investment, the best types of real estate to get started, and the minimum startup capital needed to do so. An important point of the forum was the forecast for the current year of the most popular options for investment in the capital and the region. Experts believe that the optimal solution will be 1 - and 2-room apartments in large comfort-class RCes. The attendees also learned about investing in cottage complexes as an alternative to investing in residential complexes.

One of the presentations of Invest Day was on the topic of renovation of apartments for rent. How to make quality repairs that would please future tenants and have a minimum payback period? This was also discussed at a forum organized by NovaBudova. Another important element of the event was the report on the state  lending program “5-7-9” and mortgage lending.

In addition to interesting presentations, all participants of the forum received gifts from the organizers and sponsors of the event. And some lucky ones also won valuable gifts, including water mixers from Agromat, $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 certificates for repairs by LESNIK PRO, certificates for a month of free classes at the U.C.S.A Sports Academy.

There will be more events like Invest Day from NovaBudova this year. In particular, a similar forum will be held in Lviv, in the RC "Shchaslyvyi". But this is not the last event organized by our company. Follow the news on NovaBudova's website and our social networks and expect new large-scale announcements in the near future.