Commercial property sale in the second building of the RC "Schaslyvyi"


We remind you that you can already now purchase commercial premises on the ground floor of the second building of the residential complex “Schaslyviy” in Lviv, which is located on Begova Street, 17.

Business Benefits:

  • The variety of layouts and sizes of commercial premises allows an investor to find the best option for any project: a cafe, a shop, a beauty salon and so on. 

  • The first two RC buildings are more than 400 apartments, that is, more than 1000 residents! And all of them are potential customers of the company that will place its office within walking distance from them.

  • The prospect of passive income. You can purchase a commercial property now, and later rent it out and receive a monthly profit.

Therefore, do not hesitate! Call already now on the phone numbers: (067) 663 97 34, (067) 663 97 18. Also, come to the offices of the company “NovaBydova” at the following addresses: Chaikovsky St., 26 or V. Chernovola Avenue, 67. There you can get all the necessary information about free options. And of course, come to a viewing appointment!