Prices for One Room Apartments in Kyiv – How to Choose Without Overpaying


There are plenty of options to purchase residential property now. And it’s true not only about apartments and their floor plan, but also the location of buildings, RC’s amenities and other “killer features” offered by developers. However, the reality dictates its own rule: price is the major deciding point when it comes to purchasing realty.

So today we’d like to bring up this controversial subject. We’ll talk about what price range for one-room apartment can be found in various districts of Kyiv. And, definitely, how to buy an apartment without overpaying.

Price range per square meter in Kyiv in 2018:

  1. Pechersk District — $1,700 / m2
  2. Shevchenkivs’kyi District —$1,400 / m2
  3. Obolons’kyi District — $1,100 / m2
  4. Svyatoshyns’kyi District — $1,000 / m2
  5. Darnyts’kyi District — $960 / m2
  6. Holosiivs’kyi District — $950 / m2
  7. Dniprovs’kyi District — $900 / m2.

If standard floor area starts with 38 m2, the price variation would be from $34,600 in dormitory district of Dniprovs'kyi to $67,180 in elite Pechersk District.

Are there any options of purchasing an apartment without overpaying? And by doing so, to get not only floor-walls-n-ceiling, but a nice atmosphere for the life in general, organized infrastructure and natural surrounding (what a big city always lacks)?

Yes, the answer comes naturally – consider an option right outside the capital city. Prices here also differ depending on the proximity to Kyiv, as well as on the class of the realty. However, the average price in the districts not further than 5 kilometers from Kyiv is about $500-$600 per m2. It means that a comfort-class apartment is available for approximately $23-24,000. And often such kinds of real estate proposals stand out among overbuilt distant and undeveloped districts of Kyiv.

Here, in “NovaBudova” Company you can always get more information about prices for one-room apartments right outside of Kyiv. Our resident complexes “Shchaslyvyi” in Sofiyivska Borshchagivka and “Crystal Avenue” in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka are only 350 meters away from Kyiv. They are located in cozy, green, and well-developed areas with convenient transportation. In our Sales Departments we are always happy to show you our options, and advise you on the prices and opportunities.

In this videо we compared an expensive elite apartment to a cheap residential property in Kyiv, check it out. We were quite shocked by the difference! Pleasant viewing to you all! And we wish you the best of luck in purchasing your own realty!