A business-class apartment is a good option for buying a home that practically meets the requirements of a "premium" class housing, but at the same time costs a little more than apartments in comfort-class houses.

The cost of housing is a separate topic. It seems to be an impossible mission for the average citizen to save enough money for an apartment. But there are ways to solve this problem, even if you do not have any businessman super skills. See the ways below:

1. Earn on the Internet.

We are not talking about all sorts of pyramids, scams or other dubious "things". Why not start your own blog? A blog is a popular way to make money today. Shoot, write about what you like. Believe me, there are many people with similar interests who will be happy to follow your blog.

2. Train people.

Are you good at any field? Teach people. Open courses. Today, the cost of renting studios or individual offices / classes is low, it is even possible to rent them hourly, not just monthly. If your personal presence is optional, then there is an even more suitable option that helps save time on the road and money for rent - Skype classes.

3. Obtain a new specialization.

We advise you to pay attention to specialties that have prospects for development and earnings. Many of them also allow you to work at a distance, for example, writing SEO-texts, website development and more. Other specialties require less training time, but are also able to generate income, such as real estate business.

4. Provide services.

Builders, repairmen, electricians, plumbers, photographers, videographers are in demand today. Start with small things, and within a time, the word-of-mouth advertising will do its part so that there will be no keeping customers away (if you are a skilled master, of course). And this will increase the cost of your services and help buy the business-class apartment a your deam sooner.

How much to save?

We can calculate how much time you will need by the example of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40 sq.m. in the business class residential complex “Crystal Avenue” in Petropavlivska Borshchahivka. Today, the approximate cost of such housing is 36 thousand dollars. Additionally, it is the price at a construction stage of a complex.

If you save $ 500 per month, you will save $ 6,000 per year, and you will get the required sum of $ 36,000 in 6 years. $ 500 is a relatively small amount by today's standards, and if you have a second half, then you can either collect $ 250 a month or save the same $ 500 each - and then the term you need will last only 3 years