Perfect Location

The house is located in Shevchenko neighborhood of the city of Lviv. This will guarantee the convenience of surrounding infrastructure and transportation.

Premium Class House

Premium class from “NovaBudova” is residential property, where everything is thought through to every last detail. This means prestige, reliability and comfort by European standards.

Modern Systems

The whole house will be equipped with security, modern fire-fighting, elevator and security systems. It will have its own underground parking and boiler station for independent heating.

Perfect Location
Premium Class House
Modern Systems

Apartments from developer at RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv

RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv
RC «Schasliviy» PLATINUM in Lviv

Avenue of Vyacheslav Chоrnovil

 Vyacheslav Chоrnovil





Gross area

Under construction

Apartments for sale

Parking: Yes

Street parking: Yes

Location and Infrastructure

The house is being built in an attractive district of Lviv on Vyacheslav Chornovil Prospect. This district has well-developed infrastructure and excellent transport junction. Supermarkets, schools, a swimming pool and a fitness center are only 10 minutes walking distance.


The building’s construction is performed according to advanced technologies. Ventilated façade and mineral wool heat insulation will provide special microclimate, environmental resistance and excellent acoustic isolation. Reinforced concrete monolith will guarantee solidity and longevity of your home. The building will have three elevators and its own gas boiler house. Floor-to-ceiling windows will make the house look sophisticated.


The 22-floor building will be equipped with integrated systems of fire prevention and protection. Fire elevator running on firefighting service is a unique new generation object.

Interior Court

The residents of the house will have a unique opportunity to enjoy city landscape from the spacious terraces. A cozy interior court will allow you to spend leisure time in the open air. And modern playgrounds will become a favorite spot for the little inhabitants of the complex.

Reception Service Support in the Lobby

Floor-to ceiling windows and terraces are not the only highlights of business-class residential property. Besides that, the building will have a hall with reception – a kind of communication center of the complex. There also will be a special pram storage room in the lobby.

Modern Security System

24/7 video surveillance and security of the complex will guarantee you safety every single minute. Be sure that no one will disturb your leisure time on a secured compound.

Personal Infrastructure

Two of the 22 floors will be dedicated to business. Here you’ll find coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, office premises and many other services. You’ll be able to arrange a business lunch directly in the resident complex, or have your hair done without leaving the building. That will save much of your time; the very time you’d be able to spend with your nearest and dearest.

Underground Parking with Video Surveillance and Security

Compelling advantage of the RC is spacious underground parking. It will provide safety and protection from environmental effect. Underground parking will greatly save the space of building surrounding territory.


  • Pool "Sportlife"
  • SM "Intercity"
  • Refueling "OKKO"
  • Supermarket "Arsen"
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Opera
  • SM "Forum Lviv"
  • Rynok Square
  • High Castle
  • Hotel "Leopolis"
  • Lviv Ivan Franko National University
  • Grand Hotel
10 min
20 min
  • Railway station
  • NU "Lviv Polytechnic"
  • Airport
  • SM "Victoria Gardens"
25 min
30 min
  • Bus station
  • SM "King Cross Leopolis"


Olga Freimut

Olga Freimut TV presenter

Now, when life is especially capricious, changeable, I want comfort. At such a time, we learn to correctly prioritize. The most important are home and family. That's why I understand how much happiness entails the opening of a new RC "SHCHASLIVIY." I congratulate everyone on the house warming! Let in your nests children are born, laughter is heard, peace and prosperity reign. I am happy that I can congratulate you on an important event, to share such bright joy.

Lika Roman

Lika Roman Miss Ukraine - 2007

I chose "NovaBudova" because I think appartment should be quality and comfortable.For all Lviv residents, quick access to the center is a prerequisite for active life. It's a place to stroll and "get away" from the city bustle. I believe that I will be happy in the RC "Shchaslyvyi"!

Vasily Virastyuk

Vasily Virastyuk The strongest man in the world

"NovaBudova" in my opinion is a very promising company. These are people who stick to their word. At the moment, I am very pleased with the fact that the houses are built qualitatively and the terms of putting them into operation are maintained! You yourself can come and see in what condition the apartments, entrances, staircases are being rented. Personally, we are satisfied with everything!



is an investment and construction company. Founded in 2005, it specializes in the residential real estate segment. NovaBudova’s main residential developments are located in the quiet and calm suburban districts of Kyiv and in Lviv city also. They always combine reliable construction, a pleasant atmosphere and a developed infrastructure.

Please Welcome! New-Generation House in Lviv — RC “Shchaslyvyi” PLATINUM!

We’re happy to present you our new project – a premium-class residential complex in Lviv. It’s a new-generation house from “NovaBudova” Company. And here are the reasons why it’s the one you’ve been looking for.

“NovaBudova” Company Presented an Apartment to the Winner of Voice-Ukraine, Season 8

On April 29th, the super final of the singing contest “Voice-Ukraine” was broadcasted live on TV channel 1+1. Representatives of “NovaBudova” Company were special guests of the show. It’s been the third year that the Company is sponsoring this talent show...

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